Monday, April 20, 2009

Pre Rally Prep (before Thurs. April 23)

Your chance to help, your chance to show support.

Along with coming out this Thursday at noon for the rally you can pitch in and help in other ways.

Tuesday 4/21
11am to 8pm

113 University Place, 6th floor
Conference room

Wednesday 4/22
10am to 12pm (calling press -- Very Important!!!!!!!!)
12pm to 5pm (membership outreach)
113 University Place, 6th floor

Thursday 4/23
8am to 10am

113 University Place, 6th floor

See you there!


Diane Rolnick said...

Here in New Mexico we are experiencing many difficulties with our schools and especially the adjunct population. At Santa Fe Community College adjuncts are told they are semester by semester employees even if they have been teaching core classes for 10 years or so. A new administration has told us they must do what is good for the school and community. I seem to recall we are part of the community. At UNM the faculty, staff and grad students have given the President and regents a no confidence vote because the community feels that instruction is not a priority and the saleries of administration and sports are so out of proportion with faculty. The College of Santa is closing in June due to the mismanagement by administration for years. An entire faculty is without employment. A school is more than a corporation. It is a place of learning where respect needs to be taught by example. That means treating longtime faculty who have been doing a good job with great respect as well as being fiscally responsible for the school. Teaching has gotten a very bad rap in this country, it is time to turn this around. In this financial climate teaching institutions need to honor those who have doing a good job for so many years not marginalize them or fire them. I hope everyone at Parsons in reinstated.

Anonymous said...

Well, all this stuff at the New School is so interesting, because it seems to me that universities--maybe expecially behemouths that you would think would be adequately staffed so as to be well managed-- do all kinds of crappy stuff to people all the time.

So, keep it coming, I guess. Nothing changes when people accept their beatings and slink off in silence.